Effective tool to boost sales and
marketing at each stage of the customer journey
Flawless videos
for Saas
Plus there is a little secret! They can result in the quality of the leads, LTV, sales velocity, and brand image! Take your business to greater heights that will only do with good quality content.
We produce videos that make you stand out from the crowd
Need to get more Demos scheduled? Boost your registration or sale conversions? Decrease churn rate? An animated video is your Best Bet!
Our services encapsulate everything:
We take great pride in creating unique, eye-catching videos that sell, advertise, and educate using your brand ton of voice!
2d graphics
motion design
flash animation
education videos
3d graphics
What we can help with
Advertisement and sale videos are great tools to gain quality leads. You can use them as a long-life source of traffic and provide an emotional appeal to customers every time. We create content to target your customers and inspire them to use your Saas product answering the question
“Why buy from you?”
Advertisement videos —
Service or Product explainer videos are one of our best offers. They can be used at any stage of the sales funnel bringing you more registrations faster, generating first sales, decreasing the churn rate and helping you with lost leads. It is so effective because it answers the question “What is the product about and why is it cool?”
Product/service targeted —
explainer video
Even the most advanced services with great UX/UI have problems explaining how their products work and how to use them more effectively. It results in lost leads after registration or first payment, a churn rate and a lower paycheck. To solve that problem, we create an educational video that clearly answers the question “How to use the service?” In videos, we demonstrate the broad functionality of your product so you sell it more effectively and increase your average check.
Education videos — education and upsell targeted.
Success stories and customer cases testimonials, success stories, and customer cases are great sources of new leads to spice up your sales pitch. Success sells! We will show your customers convincing cases proving to them that their problems can be easily solved with your product. It always creates a synergy between clients and the company. Get your target audience to stick to your brand and become an advocate of it! Gain trust and loyalty with success videos!
Success videos!
Why animated videos?
Did you know? Videos increase buying intent by up to 97 % and 64 % of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it. That means more revenues for your business!
They increase revenues
Videos made up 82 % of all internet traffic in 2021, and this number is only going to increase with time. You’re missing out on a trick or two if you don’t incorporate video into your branding or advertising strategy.
They’re in demand
From scheduling the demo to the upsell and churn rate — videos are universal and effective tools to deal with all of that, you just need to choose one that will solve the task and we will help you with that!
Useful in any stage of the sales funnel
Why choose us?
We have created <2000 minutes of content and formed up a clear and effective production process that helps us create exceptional quality videos on tight deadlines that you and your clients will love!
Quick turnaround times
Original ideas and concepts
The Video Creation process is certainly an intricate one. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, which means we develop original ideas, write scripts, and draw storyboards to ensure you get something that is truly unique.
Niche agnostic
The types of videos we are able to produce are not limited to one and we don’t limit ourselves to serving any one particular industry either. We have worked with clients from every niche and every walk of life. The only thing common between them? They all loved our work.
Excellent customer support
Everyone promises customer support to the point that it has become a cliche. However, we uphold our customer service to the highest standards. We’re always on hand to keep you updated about the process of your project and answer any questions you might have.
Who we work with?
Need to get the word out about your business? We help start-ups leverage the power of video to reach target audiences and scale quickly.
Our most beloved clients are SaaS companies. Since we are driving clear value for such clients it is always a pleasure to see the results of our job. Our videos are working great in each stage of the sales funnel: from the first touch to registration, demo or subscription to upsell and lost leads. Videos are a cost-effective and long-term channel that supports sales and marketing processes with the guarantee of a perfect presentation each time!
Multinational corporations
Our services are often enlisted by MNCs who require entertaining and compelling videos for employee education and all their internal communication needs.
Are you a Marketing Agency that doesn’t possess the expertise required to produce animated videos? You can partner with us for white label video production, and upsell this service to your clients!
Meet our clients
We’ve produced some truly amazing animated videos for some equally amazing clients. Here are just a few of the brands we have collaborated with in the past:
Samples of work we can do
How we work — the process
We strive to ensure that the entire video production process is as smooth as possible for your peace of mind. Here is how it’s done in 6 simple steps:
The final result is often an endearing piece of art that we’re confident you’ll come to love. Your project manager will always check in with you during the process to ensure we’re on the same page. However, if you need changes once the video is completed, we’re always available to cater to your revision requests.
6. Voila — the result delivered
The initial consultation is aimed to clarify what are your goals for the videos, what we are going to tell throughout the video and how we are going to do it. Our team has
practical experience in Saas sales and marketing and will go through all of the opportunities in the sales
funnel to create the most value for the clients and company.
1. Initial consultation
Once the dotted line is signed and you’re on board, we’re ready to kick off the project! A project manager will be assigned to collect details that help us learn more about your product and preferences such as desired video length, mood or vibe, and the target audience. You can also provide us with references to other videos, if any, for inspiration.
2. Project launch
We start out by writing a script that’s exciting enough and captures the essence of your message! This is written by a professional script writer from our team. Once the script is approved by you, we can move on to behind-the-scenes magic.
3. Script approval
This is where the real magic happens. A lot of ingredients go into the actual video-making process. A storyboard with hand-drawn sketches is created by an artist to narrow down the video scene-by-scene. This is followed by developing style frames to help us visualize better. Once that’s done too, we get to work creating illustrations that serve as the characters of the story.
4. Behind the scenes magic
As a part of the finishing touches to every animated video, we complement our creation with an equally striking voiceover by one of our talented voice-over artists, that will speak on behalf of your brand. And finally, once the preparations are all done, we use the secret ingredients that are animation and SFX to bring your story to life.
5. Bring it to life
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